The Small T

Established in Singapore in 2019, E-leap is a women start-up, with our focus on promoting the joy of learning through educational toys. In a world where technology and digital devices shape the way we work and interact with each other, we believe in hands-on learning and experiencing the real world through physical interactions and live connections. Therefore, all our products are designed to encourage active creation, learning and empowerment, and to boost both IQ and EQ through play. 

Our company's first product is The Small T Puzzle – IQ puzzles designed for both kids and adults, created and manufactured by a startup in Vietnam. 

The Small T reinvents a popular disentanglement puzzle - tangrams, offering players a renewed experience in hands-on learning and a fun-filled way to develop critical thinking skills. 

E-Leap continues to support entrepreneur communities, curating innovative, fun and educative products from Vietnam and other developing countries to the global market. 

The future we all want, and deserve, relies on conscious consumers and ethical brands coming together to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and community. Not only do all E-leap products promote a better future, but we’re also taking a stand to be a force for good. From using eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials with zero plastic waste, to our donation of 1% of sales to environmental and educational nonprofit organizations, everything we do is with our planet in mind.