Recognize! Studios

As seen in our logo, the reversed “R” signifies our unique perspective and approach to dance and urban arts, while the “!” exclamation mark symbolizes that we aim to leave an impact in all that we do. As Recognize! Studios comprises of people from the community, for the community, the circle in our logo symbolizes the unity within all people that share the passion for dance and arts. 

We provide quality dance classes and courses that will equip you with skills and knowledge that you require, whether you are starting out or aspiring to take your dance skills to a higher level. 

We have a strong network of local and international choreographers of various dance styles, one of which is K-Pop Dance and Choreography. We are home to a number of top international commercial dancers who are music video and tour choreographers, some of which work with groups such as Blackpink, BTS, Itzy and many more. Our studio is home to some of the best K-Pop dancers in Singapore, all of whom are still actively teaching, competing, judging and doing commercial works in Singapore’s K-Pop Dance industry. 

Apart from organising dance workshops, Recognize! Studios is also a premier dance event organiser and consults for major dance events in Singapore. For example, the Radikal Forze Jam and Summer Jam Dance Camp, first started in 2008, gathered over 12,000+ attendees from more than 40 countries in 2019, making it the biggest street dance festival in the Asia-Pacific region and possibly the world