Fawn Labs

As Singapore’s first sustainable bespoke skincare lab, Fawn Labs conducts workshops to formulate bespoke organic skincare products with a strong focus on sustainability. We hold Open Labs for participants to come back and craft their own bespoke skincare products when their supply run out. Choose from a wide range of natural botanical products including beauty oils that act as a cleansers or serums, gel face wash, body and face foaming wash, day and night moisturisers etc. All of the products are formulated to be dual purpose, perfect for the modern woman on the go.

Fawn Labs’ commitment to zero waste is exemplified in our workshops. We advocate the reuse of all containers. Workshop participants bring home their formulations in beautiful reusable containers and are encouraged to bring them back to be sterilised and reused for new formulations. Our ingredients are bulk sourced from global Clean Beauty ingredient suppliers, resulting in less packaging and wastage.

Make what you want, when you need.

Skincare. Your New Makeup.